A downloadable asset pack

Some tilesets I made for Ludum Dare 42 that are going to waste. It features tilesets to make 4 different environments (all mostly 16x16 with some extras), as well as some animated sprites/tiles such as liquids and items.

Tilesets include cracks if you're into that. They don't all fit into just 9 sections due to the styling, so there's a lot of different corners and inner sections to work with.

Animated sprites/tiles are named by their sprite size and number of frames.

Free to use in your games, free to edit. Credit would be nice but not required if tiles make it into production. If you make something cool message me on twitter @Maytch as it'd be awesome to see.


maytch-16x16-tilesets.zip 671 kB


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I just want to leave a little "Thank you" here, as I'll use those tiles for quick prototyping ;)

Can't wait for more!