WASD or ARROWS to drive, SPACE or CLICK to shoot.

This is a solo project for MiniJam 46, a 72 hour game jam! The theme this time was JUSTICE, and the limitation was 5 COLORS OR LESS.

Welcome to Cop Kart! A kart racer where you play as a cop, delivering JUSTICE to no-good traffic violators. Grab the pick-ups to get one of your two justice weapons, and get the boosts to catch up.

Victory is assured should you deliver justice to 10 criminals, but you have 3 minutes to aim higher!

  • Game Engine: Unity
  • Art: Aseprite
  • Sound: Reason 11
  • StatusPrototype
    Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
    (2 total ratings)
    Made withUnity


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    This is an amazing concept! The 2d sprite mixed with 3D gave me Crash Team Racing vibes, amazing for a pixel racer (although that was 3d characters). It's definitely in need of polish though, the game has low sense of speed. Not the actual speed itself, but that for example the tires could've been serparate sprites from the characters, and have a 2-frame or 3-frame animation where the tires' shine move a little (from, yep, CTR hahah). The ground being a flat texture and lack of boosting animation (some "wind break effect" maybe) also contributed to the feeling of slowness. 

    Aiming was surprisingly okay, after I learnt it's just about predicting where the enemies are going/their racing line, and for a 3 minute of action reminding me of Twisted Metal, the two weapons were good enough, but the big cannon also FEELS better to use - heavier sound, and really big area, in comparison to bullets, even though bullets take 3 round to tango while the big cannon only takes 2. 

    Think that's all I'll say about this one. Again, did have fun, and it's pretty cool how fast you whipped out something within 72 hours! Maybe I should participate in a jam myself, to actually make a real game. -shrug-


    Great game!  pretty black white style,  but it is hard to hit

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    This is giving me Mario Kart 64 Koopa Beach vibe
    I like the game (just like Bobby, Im no too good traffic cop)

    Steering is tough and the bullets are too slow imo but I love the artwork

    Thanks for creating the game

    The movement is unwieldy, the bullets don't shoot from the same spot each time, the time limit is too harsh (considering). I think if you could move smoother and had more ammo, you'd finish the game in 10 seconds.


    Really great game! A lot of fun and the sprites are great. Pretty hard but I probably just suck :D


    Really cool game. I love how you incorporate 2D sprites in a 3d space. The driving is a little slippery and the bullet travel takes awhile to get used too, but overall, it is a well put together game.