WASD or ARROWS to drive, SPACE or CLICK to shoot.

This is a solo project for MiniJam 46, a 72 hour game jam! The theme this time was JUSTICE, and the limitation was 5 COLORS OR LESS.

Welcome to Cop Kart! A kart racer where you play as a cop, delivering JUSTICE to no-good traffic violators. Grab the pick-ups to get one of your two justice weapons, and get the boosts to catch up.

Victory is assured should you deliver justice to 10 criminals, but you have 3 minutes to aim higher!

  • Game Engine: Unity
  • Art: Aseprite
  • Sound: Reason 11
  • StatusPrototype
    Made withUnity


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    Great game!  pretty black white style,  but it is hard to hit

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    This is giving me Mario Kart 64 Koopa Beach vibe
    I like the game (just like Bobby, Im no too good traffic cop)

    Steering is tough and the bullets are too slow imo but I love the artwork

    Thanks for creating the game

    The movement is unwieldy, the bullets don't shoot from the same spot each time, the time limit is too harsh (considering). I think if you could move smoother and had more ammo, you'd finish the game in 10 seconds.


    Really great game! A lot of fun and the sprites are great. Pretty hard but I probably just suck :D


    Really cool game. I love how you incorporate 2D sprites in a 3d space. The driving is a little slippery and the bullet travel takes awhile to get used too, but overall, it is a well put together game.